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On the field .. from Concord, CA ... the BLUE DEVILS!

Presenting 'Summer Blues Train Mix' as their 2004 Repertoire

The Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps Community
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Welcome to the first LJ community devoted to the Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps of Concord, CA. I hope you use this community to your advantage in finding new friends who share the same love of drum corps and possibly even meeting a few Blue Devil alumni or current marchers! All in all, this community is here to have fun and to experience the power that is drum corps. If you join, you know how dci has changed many thousands of kids lives by giving them a chance to be a part of something huge and exciting. The Blue Devils are almost immediately known for their use of trumpet/soprano soloists. It's not too uncommon that you will hear an incredibly high note that even some woodwind players fear! Their trumpets truthfully do defy the laws of music. That's not to say the rest of BD is nothing compared to them. Without the mellos, contra basses, baritones, tenors, snares, basses, marimbas, xylophones.. etc. there would be no BDs! Each member plays an important role in the BDs.

The Blue Devils are a non-profit organization built on bringing kids the best drum corps has to offer. The 10 time DCI World Champs have created a name for themselves with their use of innovative jazz shows, drill, soloists who's notes seem to defy gravity, their wonderful drumline and ever-so-graceful guard members. You can be sure of one thing when you go to a Devil's show, it's definetly going to blow you away. This year the Blue Devil's show is a cool mix of Blues and percussive train melodies ... it's quite unique and definetly one of the better shows out there this season. But we'll only know in August who will be the World Champion!

There are only a few rules I ask you follow:
1. You can discuss all areas of DCI however I would like to see most of it emphasized on the BD's.
2. Do not post something short like "I love blue devils!" We know. We all do. :-D
3. Do not FLAME the Blue Devils either. We all have our opinions, but if you do not like BD, don't join!
4. You can share new BD photos/icons/friends banners, but if you do, PLEASE put them behind a cut.
5. Same goes for posting quizzes, memes .. stuff of the like. PLEASE do an LJ-cut.
6. You don't have to be a marcher/in BD to post here. All Devil's lovers welcome!
7. Have fun posting!

A little about me: I've been a DCI fan ever since I heard the Cavie's '95 show of "The Planets" back in October of 2003. Not very long, I admit, but we all get introduced at different times. I saw my first DCI show in July 2004 and instantly was mesmerized by the Blue Devils. In addition, (since I am a woodwind player), the experience led to my opened interest in learning a brass instrument. Soon enough, I'll be marching the baritone in my school's marching band, and maybe some day, with a DCI Div 1 corps. :) You never know! I am also open to new friends, so if you'd like to add me, go ahead and post in my journal. Happy posting! ~Robyn

That's it from here, now go on in and post!