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Marching Shows for the coming year

I was just wondering (for those of you who are in marching bands) what shows some of you are going to do, and if there are any marching invitationals you might be attending? My college marcing band does 3-4 shows a year; so far, the definate shows are:

music from Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine
music from "Appalacian Spring"
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We're doing the music from The Who's rock opera Tommy. It has some awesome baritone/trombone parts.
we're going phantom of the opera and fiddler on the roof. some real intense shows. the formations are awesome and the music is just unbelieveable!!!


November 4 2004, 15:25:26 UTC 13 years ago

I'm a percussion instructor for Taft high school and they're doing The Lewis and Clark expedition, it sounds so awesome!